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October 16, 2018
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Mission Vision

Aware of the existing global inequalities, ecological imbalances, human exploitation, violence, and racial discrimination, Living Stone International School commits itself to uphold universal peace, love and justice as it builds and nurtures an academic community that is:

 - Christ centered
 - Holistically developed: and,
 - Concerned with the common good.

Responding to the call for social development, Living Stone International School welcomes children, parents, and teachers from all sectors of both local and foreign societies to be members of a family, who learn together and from one another, in the spirit of social concern, love for academic excellence, and mutual understanding and respect.

Committed to effect development and progress, Living Stone International School aspires to build an international school community that thinks globally and acts locally, and hence, aims to be an exemplar of quality education, professional integrity, and genuine service to the students and to society as well.

Thus, in pursuit of a better nation, Living Stone International School is a second home to young people of various cultural backgrounds, which is committed to develop learners who are:

    - Academically equipped for entry to schools throughout the world;
    - Well-rounded and well-versed in social and global issues;
    - Sensitive to the needs of the society, particularly the less fortunate and the needy;
    - Respectful of other people’s individuality;
    - Open-minded to learn from other cultural perspectives; and,
    - Effective agents of social change.

Living Stone International School is an international school community whose dictum is built in the spirit of JOY: JESUS first, giving Him utmost importance; then OTHERS, being the second most important; and third, YOURSELF.


Living Stone International School envisions its graduates, who are molded in Christian ethos, to be globally equipped citizens and leaders of the world, inspired to effect change in the society, and achieve excellence in the service of humanity.


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  • Jul 13, 2018 - Outdoor Lesson of Grade 5
    On this day, the grade 5 students will explore and experience the historical places in malolos, bulacan.

    # "Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but experiences in the environment."

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