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October 16, 2018
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Circular Memo | Jun 11, 2017: Welcome Greetings & Traffic Rules at Dismissal Time
Dear Parents,

Greetings of JOY!

Once again, we express our warm welcome and hope for a continuously improved academic year. Thank you for your trust and confidence in the Living Stone International School’s (LSIS) holistic education for your children.

LSIS has a number of great new things to offer our students for the school year 2017-2018. Below is a view and a reiteration of the school traffic rules especially at dismissal time:

1) Students whose mode of transportation is “commute by PRIVATE VEHICLES or PRIVATE (RENTED) SERVICE”
VEHICLE NUMBERS are required (one per family) for the students to memorize and remember for two reasons: (a) to serve as a VEHICLE PASS to drive through when dropping off and picking up the children at the school “courtyard”; and, (b) as a signal for the children to get ready to be picked up at dismissal time once the number is called all the way from Debra Street in front of Gate 1 – this will facilitate the traffic and avoid traffic jam along Debra Street and Marlim Blvd. and the long wait at the students’ pick-up lane. Vehicles are given only 30 seconds standing time.

These NUMBERS are issued for FREE, however, LOST VEHICLE NUMBERS REQUIRE a FEE of Five Hundred Pesos (Php500) to be settled at the Accounting Office. Please be advised that this is made PART of your child’s YEAR-END CLEARANCE before the closing of the school year. Please REPORT LOST NUMBERS IMMEDIATELY to the Office of Student Formation (Mr. Sam).

2) Students whose mode of transportation is “commute by PUBLIC TRANSPORATION ” and “on foot (live within walking distance only)”
STUDENT GATE PASS is required for the student to show the Guard-on-Duty for him/her to be released at dismissal time; AUTHORITY TO FETCH is required for the parent or guardian to be allowed to receive the student.

Special Note:

Parents (or students) who have not received the applicable passes are advised to go to the Office of Mr. Sam at Rm A- 111 (Dorm Building) as soon as possible. This is the school’s measure to ensure safety and security of the children.

3.) Parents / Guardians (or Drivers) of Private Vehicles or Service
The TRAFFIC MAP is given for everyone’s guidance (please see attached). There are three (3) lanes as shown: Car Lane 1 ----> Tricycle Lane ---> Car Lane 2; The lanes for CHILDREN’S CROSSING are also clearly marked with lines as shown. This is to ensure safety when going to their respective vehicles. Additionally, “Turn right ONLY at EXIT” is strongly implemented.

4.) Exact Time of Arrival of Private Vehicles & Students’ Exact Schedule to leave the Classroom at Dismissal Time
We aim to regulate the traffic at dismissal time (and to avoid a long wait for some parents). Hence, we give SPECIFIC TIME of ARRIVAL for PRIVATE VEHICLES & SERVICE in each GRADE LEVEL (please see attached). In the case of siblings who are in different grade levels and for special reasons, parents MUST give a NOTE to the Class Adviser in the DCG to coordinate the time of pick-up.

Special Note:

School service riders and public commuters are dismissed 10 minutes earlier than the class dismissal time. This means that all school service vehicles must leave first before gates are opened for the private vehicles. Public commuters must leave within this time as well.

5.) Students’ BIG BAGS
Students are discouraged from bringing and using big bags. INDIVIDUAL LOCKERS are provided to students (free of charge) for them to keep their books and other stuff. The Supervised Study Period (SSP) is also provided for students to work on their assignments at school.

These items (if any) must be labeled complete with identification (name & grade & section). These will be picked up by the students ONLY at Recess and Lunch Breaks. For delivered packed lunches, ONLY the Grade School students’ lunches are delivered by Ate Mylene to the designated areas in the school building

Your adherence to these guidelines will greatly help us in achieving the goal of an efficient system that will work for all of us in the best interest of your children’s safety and security.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

School Principal

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