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June 25, 2018
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Circular Memo | Jun 07, 2017: Required Laptops for High School Students’
Dear Parents,

Warm greetings!

This refers to the changes made on the procedures of the Computer Lab Use for High School
Students effective school year 2017-2018


Premised on the reality of how fast-paced changes in technology are, which is what our “millennial children” (whom we also call “technology natives”) experience, the Computer Lab for our high school students has been transformed to simulate a workplace set up. As mentioned during the Parents’ Orientation Meeting last June 2nd, the Computer Lab for all High School students is transferred to the school building without computers in it. This, then, requires that students bring and use their own laptops (whether they buy or borrow from parents or siblings or relatives). Laptop specifications require i 3 processor in order to meet the specifications of the software programs that will be installed by the Computer Teachers free of charge.  


Allowing students to bring their own laptops is also done for the following reasons. First is to minimize expenses especially for those who have to pay additional fee for Robotics Lab and Textbooks (for Grades 7 & 8). Second is to reduce cost of Computer Lab Fee to most students who have been clamoring to use their own laptops during Computer classes to enable them to finish their work at home and not to depend on the personal computer units at the Computer Lab (at the Chapel Building).  Third is to ensure the security and safety of the students’ files (and output) against potential virus, plagiarism and accidental deleting. And fourth is letting the students experience a workplace set-up, which is made possible in the four-hour sessions of Computer classes and workshops weekly.   


The school building is now powered by fiber optics on a 40-mbps-speed of internet connection.  Hence, anyone with a portable computer or laptop can access the internet and the school network connection for purpose of Research (especially for Grades 11 & 12), Grammar &Composition, and school projects especially in the Computer subjects, programming, and the like. For this reason, the students’ individual laptops will mean a significant help to make their learning efficient and manageable.   


Further, the students’ use of their own laptops is regulated and supervised by the Computer Teachers-in-Charge. Those who do not have the means to provide their own laptops can rent from the school at the amount of Two-Hundred Fifty Pesos (Php250.oo) monthly. Renting means “for classroom use only”; students cannot bring home the rented laptop. Thus,   In order to help us organize the renting and regulate the usage, we request those who will rent to please FILL OUT the RENT FORM below and submit to your child’s Class Adviser on or before June 13th (Tuesday).  The payment scheme can be monthly, quarterly or yearly.  The rental period automatically covers ten (10) months, from June to March. Payments are made only at the Accounting Office. A Contract to Rent will be signed upon first payment. 


If you have questions or other concerns, we will be most happy to hear from you at 045-436-2704 or visit us at the Principal’s Office during office hours.


Thank you for your understanding and support in all the school’s undertakings – all in the best interest of our students.

Sincerely yours,

School Principal

Please cut here. ------------------------------  RENT FORM   ---------------------------------- 

Date: ___________

I received your letter dated 7 Jun 2017 RE: Required Laptops for High School Students.

__ My son/daughter will RENT a laptop.
__ My son/daughter will NOT rent a laptop.

       _________________________       _________________________      __________________   
Parent’s Signature over PRINTED name        Student’s Name           Grade Level & Section


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