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June 25, 2018
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Circular Memo | Jun 13, 2017: Hygiene Inspection, Medical-Dental Check-up & Uniform Schedules

Circular Memo No. P-02-SY2017-2018

RE: Hygiene Inspection, Medical-Dental Check-up & Uniform Schedules


13th of June 2017


Dear Parents,


Warmest greetings!


As part of the holistic education and growth that we envision our students to demonstrate,
we conduct our annual check-up and inspection for ALL students on the following schedules:



Check - Up

Important Notes

June 19-20

Hygiene Inspection (Hair, Ears, Finger nails)

Students who are found to have head lice might be asked to be put in isolation at home while undertaking treatment.


Jun 27 – Jul 7


Medical Check-up

Results of the Medical Examination will be released by the School Clinic alongside the Physician’s recommendations a few days after the check-up. 



Jul 10 – 18



Dental Check – Up

Results of the examination will be released after the check-up.  The school provides FREE service on EITHER Tooth Extraction or Oral Prophylaxis (Cleaning) (choose ONLY ONE).  This requires prior appointment with Dra. Ana Pineda or Dra. Elaine Mallari at nos.: 0922-508-7357; 0927-861-3113; 0927-403-8810; or, 045-322-7099


 Moreover, we wish to reiterate the schedule of school uniforms.  Please be reminded that on:


Mondays – GALA Uniform (includes coat to impress a business-suit-like get-up to formally welcome the 

                   week as a school community)


Tuesdays – Thursdays – Regular school uniform except on PE days; PE days require bringing extra PE



Friday – God’s Gift Hour (GGHr) Shirt (provided for) + PE Jogging Pants and Rubber Shoes

                (Taekwondo, Basketball & Ratatouille will bring their special uniforms to be worn during



Once again, thank you for your continued support and understanding.



Sincerely yours,




School Principal


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